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Barbizon in Los Angeles, CA

Barbizon Los Angeles, CAThe acting and modeling world are hugely competitive, and with each passing year, it becomes even more so. It takes much more than an exceptional appearance to make a mark and carve a niche for yourself here. This is where Barbizon Modeling and Acting Studio comes into the picture. Our company was founded in 1939 in New York City on Fifth Avenue, and we haven't looked back since,

We are, without a doubt, the pioneering placement company that has made its mark in the world. We are also recognized as an integral aspect of the women's movement. For more than 80 years, we have been at the fore of the entertainment industry. This goes to show precisely how well-established and credible we are.

Professional Acting and Modeling Company in Los Angeles

Only a company with something substantial to offer aspiring models and actors can exist successfully for so many decades. We can proudly say that we have earned our reputation in the field. Our team of highly skilled, committed, and experienced acting coaches in Los Angeles have been teaching aspiring actors for decades.

They coach them on every little aspect of navigating this extremely challenging road and becoming successful. They know the ins-and-outs of these industries, and their knowledge has helped many women realize their dreams of becoming accomplished models and actresses.

Our acclaimed models have been featured on the covers of the most renowned print fashion magazines throughout the world. They have also landed highly lucrative contracts with various global fashion product manufacturers.

A significant percentage of our actors have been successful in bagging leading roles in commercials, TV series as well as Hollywood movies. Not only will you learn the ropes, but you will understand what the pitfalls are. This knowledge equips you to tackle the hurdles as and when they arise.

Our Services

1. Acting & Modeling Workshops in Los Angeles

Barbizon provides teen models & teen actors with the most influential and helpful Acting & Modeling Workshops in LA. Our acting workshops are affordable, and we teach our students all about how the modeling and acting industry functions and how they can become a success. Our experienced and skilled workshop instructors have years of industry experience. They will teach you about what goes into becoming a successful teen actor or teen model.

2. Barbizon Scholarship Program

When you are building a modeling career, you need to be committed and willing to work hard. Also, you need to maintain a portfolio, audition, and make connections even as you take up a variety of jobs. All these activities take effort and time, and college students find it challenging to manage them. This is where our modeling scholarships come in.

It's the best way to ease your financial burden as the scholarship allows you to focus on your acting or modeling interest without having to give up either on your education or career.  Each year a few winners are lucky enough to get these modeling scholarships in New Los Angeles.

If you are looking to create a strong foundation in the modeling or acting industry, you need the kind of expert guidance that we at Barbizon Modeling and Acting Studio offer. For more information, feel free to visit our website and browse the pages for a better understanding of what we do. You can also contact us through this online form or call at this number - 855-545-8635

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